Hi there! I thought I’d start this in order to keep in touch with all my family and friends back in the USA. I’ll try to keep it updated with pictures of us especially Squidgyboo.

Squidgyboo is getting bigger and bigger every day. She eats ALL THE TIME!! She’s gained 2 lbs since birth, which sounds like a lot for such a teeny little thing. I can’t believe she’s 5 weeks old already!!

We go for lots of walks and have been trying to make it to mums and babies groups. So far we’ve not been very successful. Unfortunately it’s summer vacation in England. The groups usually run during term time only and end of term was last week!! Hopefully we’ll be able to find one that runs all the time.

Wallywoo and I are still getting used to having Squidgyboo around and trying to figure out what we can and can’t do with her. We tried going out to dinner last Wednesday. That didn’t go well!! Squidgyboo had been sound asleep for a couple of hours so we thought we’d try it. Of course she woke up as soon as we had ordered our drinks. We ended up eating in shifts, I have a feeling this is going to be something we’re going to have to get used to! Still we keep trying, on Friday we went for a walk and then stopped off at the pub around the corner from us. We had our first proper conversation in over a month while Squidgyboo slept soundly in the pram next to us. YAY!! SUCCESS!! It gave us hope that eventually we’ll be able to do some normal adult things!!

Birth Story
Went into the hospital at 8am on the 24th to be induced as I was 12 days past due. The contractions weren’t too bad for most of Saturday. Saturday evening and Sunday was hell. I was stuck in the maternity unit because there were no beds in the delivery unit and I was only 3 centimerters so they didn’t consider me to be in labor. They wouldn’t give me anything other than paracetamol and I was NOT happy. By noon on Sunday I kept asking for some gas and air but they wouldn’t give it to me, said it would tire me out (being induced and having contractions for 2 days wasn’t going to tire me out, no it was gas and air!!). Finally started to cry like a baby around 3ish on Sunday as I was having contractions almost continuously and told them that I was going to “get redneck on their asses if they didn’t do something soon” I don’t think they knew what I was talking about but my partner laughed at that a bit. Finally at shift change a midwife came on that could see I was in some serious pain and she offered to get me some gas and air. HALL-AY-LOU-YA !! That was 30 hours into it and about 30 minutes before they finally moved me upstairs to the delivery unit. I had my waters broken at 6:00 and had Esme almost 2 hours later.

I don’t ever want to be induced again!! I was a living hell!! Oh and you don’t forget the pain!!