Is it love??

I’m fascinated by Squidgyboo and her farts! You can hear them from the other room! She has these explosive sounding farts which make me stop in my tracks. If I’m holding her when she farts I just laugh myself silly! It must be love when a fart can make you feel this way!! Of course after the fart is usually the poo, not so fascinated by that!!

In my quest to meet new people and make friends here in Manchester I posted my bio on I’ve had a couple of replies but had been a bit weary of replying but finally decided to take the plunge. And wouldn’t you know it the person I replied to is also an American living in Manchester!! We decided to meet and yesterday I went w/ Squidgyboo to meet her and her son L. I was really nervous about meeting her which is strange because I’m not a shy person and haven’t ever had any problems meeting new people. Well it went very well. Squidgyboo was a star and behaved very well allowing me to chat and drink my coffee. We exchanged telephone numbers and are planning on meeting again in a couple of weeks. Could it be that I’m actually making my first friend in England???

This afternoon Squidgyboo and I went for a walk into the village, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed getting some exercise. I stopped off at the fishmongers and bought some fresh tune for dinner. Squidgyboo started to cry while I was at M&S so I changed her nappy and we went to park for lunch. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to breastfeeding in public. I put down a blanket set out my lunch got Squidgyboo eating and the two of us enjoyed eating our lunch.

I received a phone call from Aqua babies!! Yay!! Squidgyboo and I are booked into the September session and we (I) are very excited!! This is the class where you teach the babies to swim . I hope Squidgyboo enjoys it because I’d love to have her learn to swim and enjoy water from a young age. I’ll keep you posted!!