Passports, Home Invasions and Strawberry Sweaters!

Lots to tell since last post! Squidgyboo continues to grow cuter by the day! We are working on getting her a passport so that we can go on our holiday to the Azores. We have an appointment at the American Embassy in London, Sept 7.

Scary thing happened to us last Thursday, we had a home invasion. 4 men wearing ski masks kicked our door in looking for the keys to the car. Wallywoo fought them off!! Who would have thought he had it in him. He has a black eye, bruised ribs and was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. I screamed my head off and am completely traumatized by the entire incident!! Apparently these types of incidents are more and more common. With security on the cars being better the theives need the keys in order to steal it. So what do they do?? They just bust down your door and expect you to be too shocked to resist. I haven’t slept a wink since it happened, I keep thinking they’re going to come back!! Wallywoo and are were planning on moving but this is just speeding up the process. I’m hoping to be in a new place by Christmas, I fear this is wishful thinking! I’ll keep everyone posted if they catch the bastards!! We had the car taken away and dusted for fingerprints, hopefully they found something.

We spent the weekend in Shrewsbury with Wallywoo’s old college friend and his family. We had a vey good time and Squidgyboo was very good. We went into the village to watch fireworks and she slept through the entire thing! Of course she woke up as soon as they were orver! She’s able to keep her head up more and has a lot more control of it. She looks like a little turtle sometimes. I’ll post some more pictures when I have a second!! She’ll be 2 months in a few days. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing.

Here’s a picture of Squidgyboo wearing her new strawberry sweater sent to her by her Madrinha Maryann!! It’s just a little BIG!!!!


  1. Anonymous
    September 7, 2006 /

    Oh my god Lindyloo, I hope Simon is okay! You’ve had quite a string of luck with break-ins. Okay, what’s up with guys in England? How many does it take to steal ONE car!!!!!

    Please find somewhere else to live SOON!!! I wish I could help you house hunt!!!!

    Lots of love, Wendy

  2. BlogWhore
    February 26, 2007 /

    HOLYSHIT!!! Someone broke into your house??? HOLYSHIT!!!

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