This and that

Well I new it was going to happen but I couldn’t stop it!! Squidgyboo is now unable to sleep unless I’m holding her!! In my defense she was in a lot of pain and needed to have pressure applied to her tummy or she would scream from the pain. Gas is a horrible thing!! So now that her tummy is a bit better I tried to put her down like I used to do. HA!!! She was having none of it. She screamed for an hour solid. She screamed herself hoarse!! She screamed until I wanted to chuck her out the window. SOooo I finally caved and picked her up. BAM!! Asleep in a matter of seconds!! So now the hard work begins. I have to retrain her to fall asleep on her own.

I’ve been trying to get her to follow a somewhat structured routine but I haven’t been able to just yet. It’s been really hard w/ her crying ALL THE TIME w/ her tummy. The GP gave my some medication to give her that should help her poo. Along w/ the Infacol I’m giving her she should start to feel better soon. I’ve started to give her solid food (well baby porridge) and this seems to satisfy her. She LOVES to eat it. The general guidelines here in the UK is that you not introduce solids until 6 months. I don’t think I could have held off that long. She was breastfeeding a lot and just needed that little bit extra. I’m hoping that she will begin to sleep through the night soon. Again the guidelines recommend that she sleep w/ us in our room until 6 months but I think she’ll be going to her room before then. I think we wake each other up. So at the moment I’m putting her to sleep in her room in her cot and when she wakes up the first time for a feed I’m bringing her to bed w/ us.

Last night we had a get together of US Expats living in the Manchester area. It was a really good time and I was pleasantly surprised. You never now who is going to show up to these types of things but everyone seemed really cool. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again and be able to build up a nice network of friends.

We all went to church this morning!! It was my first time at a C of E church. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s very plain compared to catholic churches but pretty in its own way. Esme was very good and she flirted w/ all the men.

Well I have loads to say but I’ll leave it for another day.