Woohoo we’ve booked our flights and are heading to NB on the 21st!! I’ve very excited I can’t wait to see everyone and eat lots of turkey!!Nothing too exciting going on here. Settling into domestic life and being a mom. Squidgyboo and I continue to go to a couple of baby groups. At this point I’m getting more out of them but she does seem to enjoy them. She was sick a couple of weeks ago then I got sick and now she’s sick again. She had a fever last night and hasn’t been eating much. We went to the GP this morning and were told to just keep doing what we have been.

Have I mentioned I’m going bald?? Supposed to be a post pregnancy thing but HOLY COW there’s a lot of hair falling out!! I’m hoping it will stop soon.

We went to a old market town yesterday in the Peak District called Bakewell. It was very pretty. We walked around bought some bakewell tarts (what they’re famous for) and fed the ducks.

Well I can hear Squidgyboo crying…gotta go!