Carseats and Chickenpox

So we returned the pink carseat, they didn’t have a black one so we just asked them if we could return it. No problem as we hadn’t opened to box, hell hadn’t even picked it up from the storage depot! We went to another store to buy one but they were all out of the black one as well. So we’re going to order it from here. It’s actually 20 pounds cheaper so win win.

Oh and we think Squidgyboo has the chickenpox. I was told on Thursday that it was making the rounds of the local baby groups but it hadn’t reached this one yet. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Today she’s been miserable and I noticed she is covered in tiny pink spots. I noticed this while we were in John Lewis and I was stripping her to have her try on her christening gown. I gasped and covered her up quickly! I didn’t want anyone to see her and say anything about me going out w/ an infectious child!!! Anyhoo, I’ll post more if/when it develops into full blown chickenpox. I’m just thrilled as her christening is this Sunday and I have family flying in and well we just can’t cancel. She’ll just be covered in scabs and miserable.