False Alarm

So we went to see the doctor this afternoon. I called this morning to get an emergency apt. The receptionist asked me how I knew it was chicken pox. I told her my daughter was covered in spots and that it was either chicken pox or meningitis, I got an appointment. So by this afternoon I had expected blisters and the classic CP symptoms. It never happened. She’s tired and sleeping a lot. Her appetite isn’t what it usually is and she has a little cough and the occasional sneeze. So the doc looks her over, checks her lungs and presses against the spots to see if they disappear, they do. I tell her I had expected the blisters and she agreed that if it was CP the spots would have become blisters. She thinks it’s a virus and one of the symptoms of this virus is spots. Not much can be done, just wait it out. She wants me to keep an eye out for any changes to the spots as it might still be CP but she just doesn’t think it is. Sooo we’re left w/ a Spotty Squidgyboo. She’s doing OK and has been in a great mood all day. She just tires easily. Hopefully she’ll be over whatever it is she has by Sunday.

Here are some not so good photos of her spots. I couldn’t get a very good shot of them. They’re spots all over her body that I expected would get bigger and then begin to blister and get all icky. Not going to happen apparently.

Oh and Aquababies called again today to cancel the class. There’s some problem w/ the pool. I was glad to hear from them because w/ Squidge being spotty I wasn’t planning on going today. She told me she would be refunding us for the 2 classes that they have cancelled- Woohoo a whole 20GBP!!! I’m taking a break this week from all of her groups and classes. She needs to rest and I don’t want to expose her to anything else this week! I would like my mother to see Squidge when she ISN’T sick.