Sniffle sniffle Dribble dribble Drool

Well Squidge and I are sick. She has a virus according to her GP and I’m coming down with a cold. I think Squidge’s is more teething than anything else because she’s dribbling and drooling like mad. We did go swimming today. I waited until the last minute before deciding to go. She was feeling pretty good all day today but she gets like that. Yesterday she was fine for the first half of the day and then around 4, BAM! Fever is back,she whiny and just plain miserable. Today she’s been great just a little whiny. She’s sleeping at the moment but that’s what she usually does after aquababies. She LOVES going and had a great time today. She ‘swam’ underwater 2 times this session. It’s not really a swim I just call her name say ‘ready’ ‘go’ and dunk her while moving her towards me. She looks startled, coughs a bit and then starts to clap. Will blog more later and hopefully will have pictures, I just haven’t felt like taking any. Here are more from when my Mom was here.