So I’m continuing on w/ my practice sewing.  I can’t manage to sew a circle correctly.  I might just be trying something that is beyond my skill level at the moment.  I’ve completely forgotten how to sew.  It’s pretty pathetic.  I’m going to continue to plug away at it.  I’ll have a pretty pincusion if it kills me- it might just!!  I’ll post pictures of the stuffed pincusion tomorrow.  I’m hoping that once it’s stuffed it looks better.  That’s what I hope- what I believe is that once it’s stuffed it will highlight the not so circular sewing.  Aah well you have to start somewhere. 

 I’ve had some lovely welcoming comments from people I’ve added to my blogroll.  I’m amazed they took the time to visit but I do appreciate it.  There are some amazingly talented people out there and I hope to one day have a quarter of their ability!