Kate Moss- Junkie loving Junkie!!

Just a bit of a rant. She’s appears to me to be a junkie. She was caught snorting a mysterious white substance up her nose a couple of years ago. Off to rehab she goes- ONLY after a bunch of her modeling contracts are cancelled. Then a couple of months later she’s hotter and bigger than ever! WTF!! How is she a style icon? OOooh please can I blow coke up my nose, party all the time w/ my junkie boyfriend, have my daughter stay god knows where so I can go out every night and can you please pay me loads of money to show off my coke and alcohol ravaged body in fashion magazines!!! Britney shows off her monkey and people threaten to take her kids away. Ooh alright shaving her head may have been a teeny weeny bit odd but nothing on the scale of KM!!

Anyhoo I suppose the point to my rant is what kind of message is this sending?? Why are we like sheep?? How come someone with curves is reviled but a skinny junkie strikes a pose in a pretty frock and we fall over ourselves looking to emulate her!!