I booked my flight last night, I’m beyond excited to be going home for a nice long visit.  I’ll be there from 19 June until 30 July.  I spoke to my mom about buying fabric, patterns, buttons… you know all the supplies I need to be a serious crafter.  Things in the states are just so much cheaper.  I’ve had to really control myself these past few weeks as I don’t want to buy here knowing I can buy it there cheaper.  I did go to Ikea today and picked up 2 meters of fabric.  I think they’ll make some really cute bags.  I also picked up a few tea towels that I’m going to turn into grocery bags.  I’ve already started on one I just need to work on the handles.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m done. 

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  1. May 29, 2007 /

    Hello! Welcome to blogland. A trip to the States sounds perfect for stocking up on crafty must-haves. Hubby is there on business at the moment and I packed a duffel bag in his case. If it doesn’t come back full of fabric booty he’s not allowed back in the house!! Kidding – sort of…

    Thanks for the link btw.