I think I need some help w/ color.  I’ve come to the realization that I’m crap at matching colors.  I wonder if it has to to w/ the fact that I wear black almost all the time.  I do go a bit crazy in the summer and wear white- ooh I know I’m too wild.  I love the color red.  I have a little red leather purse and some red sandals and my ideas book is red leather.  But it’s just a hint of red.  I can’t wear red jumpers or anything too colorful.  I feel like a neon sign and that everyone is looking at me- As if!! 

So back to my color issues.  I’ve made a couple of things but I haven’t posted because they are just tooo ugly for words- I feel shame!

I’m going to work on an apron w/ some funky fabric  I picked up at Ikea last week.  At the moment I have a blue w/ white stripped one and although it’s serviceable I want something w/ a bit more pizazz!  No pattern mind you just going to measure out the old one and cross my fingers.