Goings on

Ok I was tagged a while back and haven’t had a chance to reply… I’ll get to it I promise.

Things here are going pretty good. I picked up my red Kitchenaid mixer! Woohoo! I had a 20% coupon for BedBath and Beyond so I saved $60!! Now I just have to figure out how to get that puppy home!

My sister was diagnosed w/ Lyme disease today. We kinda knew she had it but it still sucks. She recently started a new job but the health insurance doesn’t start until July 1. She tried to hold out going to the doctor until then but she couldn’t do it. Too much pain, she felt like she was dying. Anyhoo she’s home and on antibiotics and hopefully she will make a full recovery!

I’m still working on the damn computer. I finally got all the worms and trojan viruses removed. No more weird and (not so ) wonderful pop ups!

Squidges bithday pary is the Saturday. I’m very excited. Oh I got my hair cut! I soo totally hate it. I wanted a (i’m ashamed to admit this) Victoria Beckham hair cut. Instead I look like the stereotypical lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong w/ looking like a stereotypical lesbian it just wan’t what I asked for. So I’m going to have a house full of family I haven’t seen in a couple of years and I look like a lesbian- greeeat.