I’ve been having some major issues w/ my parent’s computer.  I finally had the O/S reloaded.  I’ve lost all the photos I had taken prior to my move to the UK in 2005.  I’m very very sad about this.  I MUST remember to backup all the photos I have taken of Boo. At last count I had over 5,000.  If I lose those I’ll be devastated.  Onto happier crafting news.  I have TONS of fabric, most of it vintage. Thanks to my Mom, Aunt Lily, grandmother and various friends of my mothers.  Also I scored a very cool stash of vintage buttons.  I’m so looking forward to getting home to sort through it all. 

 Oh and I can’t wait to get home so I can check out my little package from Janet Clare- a notebook cover.  I can’t wait to see it and post photos of it. 

Well I’m just glad I’m finally able to post from this computer.  I’m on my way home on Monday night and will be arriving in Manchester Tuesday morning.  I’m ready to go home but I’m going to miss my family terribly.