Architectual drawings!

So we got the plans last week and needed to make some changes. Actually just one change. I called the architect this morning and told him what I wanted. He seemed put out which really got my goat! Really people I’m PAYING you to do this for me and it’s your JOB. So he’s going to do it and will be sending us the new plans later this week. Weee! I can’t wait until we start because it will be that closer to finishing. I might have to leave and go back to my parents for the worst of it. I KNOW what a hardship! Of course that would mean giving up control to Wallywoo- hmmm maybe I’ll just ship Squidge to the grandparentals- my Mom would like that a lot!

Oh and Squidge now has bangs/fringe. I was tired of her hair always looking like some sort of small hermit or hippie living in Goa. I did it myself and she was wiggly so it’s a bit crooked but what the hell she’s only 1! I’ll post photos as soon as I take them and Blogger starts to cooperate.

Heehee! I saw this in front of Nandos Restaurant (it’s supposed to be a portuguese restaurant but well it’s NOT really authentic) and thought it was HISterical!