We all woke up around 5:45 this morning. I just figured it was because Squidge was crying. I picked her up and left her in bed w/ Wally. I went downstairs to make up her morning bottle of milk, glanced at the microwave 5:48. Once she was back in her cot drinking her milk I started watching the news and aparently there was an earthquake here in Manchester at 5:45!! Now I’m not saying I felt anything and that it was scary because I didn’t and it wasn’t. All I am saying is that it’s weird that we all woke up at the exact time the earthquake happened.

Also wanted to say that I’m missing my friends and family back in MA. I’m sad that Wendy and I don’t hang out and that our girls won’t be the best of friends. I’m hoping that once she’s done with law school we can rent a house on CC during the summer and spend a week drinking, chatting, swimming, eating and having a good time. It might never happen but I have dreams of us doing that. I’m a silly fool.