So we did it.  We shuffled around some furniture in the living-room, moved the desk that was in the bedroom down stairs and voila!  A teeny tiny corner nook where I can keep my laptop and my sewing machine.  It’s not ideal but this entire house isn’t ideal.  I’m hoping that will change once the extension is complete but that’s a different post all together.  The livingroom is even more cluttered than it was already.  I’m planning on picking up some bookshelves for above the desk. 

On the upside the kitchen looks soo much better and we have space there again.  It’s just a kitchen again.  Well a kitchen/laundry room but that’s as it should be.

 I haven’t done much crafting because Boo has the chicken pox.  I’m feeling slightly guilty that I purposely exposed her because it was convenient for her to get it during the summer and while she’s young (14 months).  Yesterday she was sooo poorly and cranky and grumpy and sooo spotty.  Mother’s guilt, you have to love it.  Once my little Boo feels better I’ll post some photo’s of my little nook.