How did it happen that I am running a baby group? When did my bossy must get things done and I can do it better/faster if I do it myself attitude get me this gig? Or was it that I was just the last mum standing and ended up w/ the keys? I think it was a little bit of both!

I’ve been going to the NCT Bumps & Babies group since Squidge was 4 weeks old. I was desperate for something to do and they were the only group that ran during the summer. Well mums and babies have come and gone. I have made 2 wonderful friends there (HI! V and B!!) and have met some really interesting women. New mums and a few bumps have been scared away by too loud babies and out of control toddlers. The group has swelled in numbers and at times it has only been me.alone.with squidge.

Yesterday I recieved an email from the NCT newsletter woman wanting contact detail so she can add it to the newsletter. Ruh roh! Eeer uuuum oh I suppose she wants MY contact details. so I start to type my gmail addy and think lindylala is possibly not the most profesional sounding email address. Off I go to google and get myself a nicer more professional one. bumps.babies sounds nice and fits the bill. So now I have a bumps&babies email and they have my phone number. GREAT! I’ll be getting phone calls from mums looking for information on the baby group for YEARS! And for all my grumbling I’m OK w/ this. I want other mums and dads to have a place to come to where they can relax, meet other mums, ask questions and make that transition from scared shitless new mum to confident mum. Oh and have a cup of tea and a biscuit while they’re there!