When I first started this blog someone commented that I should always leave my sewing machine out because I won’t use it if it’s not in plain view.  How right they were!  I packed up all my crafty things before I went to the US and still haven’t unpacked everything.  I’m considering making a permanent corner of the living room a dedicated craft area.  I might just do that when Boo goes down for her afternoon nap.  That will make me feel a bit more productive!!  I’m been pouring over the Japanese craft books I bought and wishing I had more of them.  I have a very kitschy vintage fabric my grandmother gave me and I think I might make a vintage style apron with it.  I haven’t been able to take photos because I couldn’t find my camera battery charger- I did finally find it in one of my suitcases in the loft!!  I’m busy reading everyone’s wonderful blogs and turning pea green with envy at all the lovely things people are making. 

 This past weekend we went down to Kent to visit an American friend of ours that was here doing geneology research.  We had a great time.  We then headed down to Shrewsbury for the flower shoe.  We have friends (Boo’s godparents) who live there and we go down every year.  I’ll post photos soon. 

 I also spoke to the architect and asked him to change a something on the plans.  New plans should be arriving soon and then is off to submit them for planning permission. 


  1. August 14, 2007 /

    I hear you on not being productive! Maybe it’s enjoying the end of summer. The Japanese books are GREAT. Aside from the language barrier on my part, I’ve found them pretty easy to follow, at least for the kids clothes. Can’t wait to see what you make…

  2. alison
    August 15, 2007 /

    I feel very lucky having a studio at home so that my sewing machine and bits and pieces can stay out all of the time. I’m certain that if I had to pack it away at the end of each crafty session then I wouldn’t create half as much as I do. If you can incorporate a craft corner into your living area then go for it!

    Bye the way, you can NEVER have enough Japanese Craft Books!

  3. August 20, 2007 /

    I love the little shirt and dress you made for Boo. They’re gorgeous. I can’t believe you made them with no pattern!! You rock!