muffins, spam and hair cuts

So I got up this morning wanting to bake muffins- from scratch!! Ya, I know I’m a bit freaked out about it too. We had loads of berries at the house and they were just about to go off so I thought I should use them up- QUICK!! So I made these…

I also got my first bit of spam from someone looking to have me help them w/ some large sums of money and missing people. I’m very careful about giving out my private email address so I’m kinda surprised to have received this request for help. I’m now trying to go back and check where I’ve given out my email address. I signed up for Flickr last week and Facebook maybe it was there.

Here’s a photo of Squidge enjoying some yummy scrumptious berry muffins!

Here’s a photo of Squidge and her new do!

and one of her looking like a bit of a maniac before I cut her bangs/fringe

This was Squidge on the rip cord thingy at Attingham Park- she loved that thing- can you tell??