Questions answered

Why did I dye my hair? Lemme explain- I dyed my hair brown because my roots were beginning to show and well I just don’t like the trailer trash look- doesn’t suit my eyes! I dyed it blond to begin w/ because I loooves me as a blond. I won’t be a blond in England because they don’t do it the way I like it and it costs too much money for crappy ass 80’s style frosted hair. Like $180 too much money. I got my hair done in the US because I love my hairdresser Lily and she’s cheap!! $40 for cut/color and she did my eyebrows too!! Soo in an effort to save my sanity I decided just to go a deep brown. I might go jet black in a couple of weeks. I can do THAT at home!

Plans? What plans?? We are hoping (please god let us get approval) for a double story rear extension. We will be adding a brand spankin’ new kitchen in the ground/first floor. In the first/second floor we are getting rid of the airing cupboard (where the hot water tank currently resides- we’re getting a combi boiler which takes up a tiny amount of space in the kitchen) and the closet in Squidges room to make a nice sized bathroom w/ a seperate shower (woohoo) and we are enlarging Squidges room which is currently very tiny.

Ok I think those were all the questions needing answers. Feel free to ask any as I’ll answer any and all questions.

Squidge has the chicken pox, YAY!! It’s the first day and she’s feeling a little poorly (yes that’s an englishism- it just love using it, especially when you realize that if you say “she’s sick” they (the english) think she’s just puked or about to puke).

Yesterday’s trip to the allotment was a bust. We got there 15 minutes after it opened and there was nothing left. Well that’s not strictly true- 3 cooking apples, a couple of rhubarbs, some lettuce and a few marrows- nothing I wanted. I don’t even know what a marrow is, never mind what to do with it. I think it’s one of those veggies that has a different name here- like zuchinni/courgette and egg plant/aubergine. I do know that a courgette turns into a marrow when it grows big.

Blogger is still not letting me add photos- sorry!

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