What a busy weekend. On Thursday we drove down to Kent to meet my friend Rick. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him that day. We’re still getting used to Squidgetime- you know when what used to take you 1/2 hour to get out of the house now takes 4 hours. We stayed at the White Horse Inn and it was veddy veddy nice. We didn’t get down there until around 8pm so it was Squidge off to bed and we went to the pub. Oh now don’t get your panties in a twist, we were staying in a pub w/ rooms upstairs.
They claim the place was mentioned in The Canterbury Tales- true or not it had loads of character. On Friday we had breakfast and then we met Rick in Faversham. It was Friday so market day and it was very nice. Stopped and had a tea/coffee before heading out to Canterbury. Did the usual in Canterbury- walked around the town had a cornish pasty, spent hours looking around in the cathedral.

Then it was back to Faversham for dinner. Rick had never had Indian so we had to take care of that quick. Dinner was nice but it wasn’t The Great Kathmandu! They didn’t have highchairs (WTF!!!) so Squidge had to eat in her pushchair. Not ideal but we muddled through it. Then Wallywoo and Rick then went into the Sun Inn where Rick was staying for a pint. Squidge and I just walked around the town until they were done. It was hugs and good byes all around and we went back to our inn. We were supposed to put Squidge down and then head out to the pub again but when I woke up at 1am I realized that wasn’t going to happen.

I have soo many more photos to upload but blogger is being a biotch so those will have to wait. I’ll post about Shrewsbury later so more of our fun filled weekend to come!