Dancing Squidge

I’m feeling a little guilty.  I’ve been letting Squidge watch a lot of television this week.  It’s only CBeebies and she only watches when there’s singing.  CBeebies is the best because they’re ALWAYS singing so whenever I turn on the TV – singing and so she dances and dances!!  I’ll have to post video of her dancing, it’s hysterical.  We signed up for Rhythm & Rhyme and classes start next Tuesday.  I think she’s going to love it.  I have photos from another outing to Red House Farm- we had so much fun we had to go back.  I’ve also signed up to Flickr but am keeping most of my photos private.  If you want me to set you up as a friend/family just email me and I’ll add you.  Weird that I should be so private with those photos when I’m pretty open on the blog.