Roast Chicken and Urbis

What a busy weekend.  On Friday we went to V’s house for dinner. She made a fantastic roast chicken dinner. Squidge and I had a great time and it was the best meal we’d had in a while. Thanks V for the invite and the yummy chocolate ice cream for dessert!!
On Saturday I was a complete slug and never even took off my jammies, did I comb my hair?? Hmmm I don’t remember! Squidge and I just stayed in and played/napped/ate, it was great.
Squidge and I met a friend at Urbis Sunday afternoon.  We go there often and usually have a good time.  I will admit that we usually have a better time than we did yesterday.  Too many teenagers running around-grrr.  I think we’ve been spoiled, during the week we have the place practically to ourselves or at least if feels that way.  All and all a fun day.  Urbis is free and interactive so the girls love it in there. 
Afterwards shopping was in the cards, can’t go to the city centre and not shop!  We went to Next- I picked up a cute outfit for Squidge and then lunch dinner.  Next thing we knew it was after 6- how did that happen!!

Thanks B for suggesting it! We had a fab time.

There was also a nice exhibition on The Hacienda nightclub- C’s getting a little musical education!


  1. September 10, 2007 /

    i love those days where you get to stay in and in your jammies…

    K is missing them sorely now that school is going to be a 5 day a week thing…

  2. maria
    September 11, 2007 /

    had to look up Urbis.. Sounds very cool! I admire yor confidence and patience to ‘get lost’ in your life with Squidge. Hope to be able to do that one day..

  3. September 12, 2007 /

    I had to stop by when I read your comments on ‘Mommified Me’. Anyone that quotes the big butt song AND mentions Buffy is clearly good folk.

    {Squidge is way cute.}

  4. September 17, 2007 /

    Oh my gawsh she is getting big! And also, she has the best happy-silly-girl faces 🙂