Buh Bye!

They came, they slept, they ate, they left.

Mariel + Squidge

I think that is pretty much all that was done here for 3 days.  I think they were a little bored.  On Friday I was going to take them to the city centre but they looked like they needed the sleep- I went to my baby group instead.  On Saturday we went looking for Lyme Park and got really lost.  We ended up at Bramall Hall Park- nice but small. 
hacky sak
I left them in the village to hang out while I went home to put Squidge to bed.  They stayed in Saturday night- Dan was asleep before 8pm so I think they really needed this quiet rest stop in Manchester. 

They’re off to Belgium tonight and I hope they have a good time. 
buh bye

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  1. Liliana
    October 28, 2007 /

    they look rested to me