For the love of Squidge

We had a lazy relaxing day here today.  Wal is off on another trip- a trade show in Russia.  He’s beyond exited to be going- not!  He’s been to this show 3 years running and well the glamour and excitement of going to Russia has looong faded.  Squidge and I dropped him off at the airport at 6 this morning.  We came back and headed back to bed!  I haven’t left the house since. I did think (briefly) about going for a walk.  It didn’t happen- it would have involved combing hair, getting dressed, finding shoes and pushchairs.  I decided I was just going to laze around the house. 

I think Squidge is on the verge of being a picky eater.  She keeps spitting out her food.  She’ll eat it but sometime she just decides she wants to spit it out.  It really really pisses me off and I have to force myself to smile and not make a big deal out of it.   She’s funny too.  She knows that when I get her bottle ready it’s time for bed.  She stands by the stairs and waits for me.  Sometimes (like tonight) I’ll let her climb the stairs and she heads straight to her room.  I’m enjoying not having a struggle to get to bed- long may it continue!! 


  1. October 1, 2007 /

    is she still not napping? K went to bed so much easier when she wasn’t napping.

  2. BlogWhore
    October 2, 2007 /

    when was traveling to Russia ever glamorus?