Lost in South Africa

Wal has been in Cape Town, South Africa since the 21st.  He was supposed to  be flying home Sunday night to arrive Monday morning.  As you probably guessed- that didn’t happen.  While packing and gathering all his things Wal realized he couldn’t find his passport- ruh roh!  He was able to change his flight to one later in the week.  He’s managed to get all the documentation needed for a emergency replacement and will be home Thursday morning- woo! 

Before he realized someone had taken his passport he sent me this photo- doesn’t he look all tanned and relaxed?  Little did he know!!!

Wal in Cape Town

Can anyone tell what’s wrong with this picture?
eeer... what's wrong with it??

Oh and did you know that ketchup contains milk??  I was sitting at the table eating my lunch and I started reading the label.  It’s really disgusting what they put in some of these foods.  So back to the point- MILK!!  Who would have thought ketchup of all things contains milk.  I’m going to have to check if all brands contain milk of if it’s just the cheapo Tesco brand I bought. 


  1. byrney
    October 30, 2007 /

    Yes I’m well aware there’s milk hiding in alsorts of unsuspecting foods…like crisps and blinking olives!!!!! But also surprisingly theres none in cheap jaffa cakes!!!!!!!! Nothing makes sense lol!!
    Glad to here Wal is on his way home!!

  2. October 30, 2007 /

    milk in the ketchup… yuck. I am off to check my fridge, not that I eat ketchup but K does.

  3. maria
    October 30, 2007 /

    aahh man!! to all of it.. but at least Wal will be back soon! yay! and Happy Halloween!