Wal and Weekends

*warning* long post- feel free to leave now. 

I’m feeling much much better- thanks for all the nice comments and emails.  Wal got back late on Friday night, actually it was after midnight so it was early Saturday morning.  I hightailed it out of the house around 9:30 the next morning.  There was a NCT nearly new sale going on and mama needed to get her bargain on!  I found a Bumbo for £5 !  Can you believe it?!?!! It wasn’t for me, I already have one that I paid full price for.  This was for a friend who mentioned she was looking for one.  Knowing how quickly it would be snatched up I got it for her before anyone else got their grubby little mitts on it.  I also picked up a baby doll, doll bed, about a gazillion books,some videos, a bed guard, a potty, a step stool and clothes all this for the grand total of £37. 

I will admit that the baby doll kinda freaks us out a bit.  It’s a Baby Annabell doll and it moves it head from side to side, sucks and coos (I didn’t know it did all this- I thought to myself, damn this thing is heavy.  I found out later why).  Wal and I both agreed that it was a bit too Chuckie for our tastes so off to the loft it will go to live.  I think that it’s a bit too advanced for Squidge.  She’ll only end up breaking it.  I retails for about £40 (according to Toys-r-Us)- I picked it up for £4. Have I mentioned how much I ? Nearly new sales?  I’m thinking about sending my sister some money so she can buy a cheapo cheapie doll in the US.  Just a plain old fashioned no batteries needed doll.  I don’t want it to eat, or shit or close/open it’s eyes.  I just want it to sit there like a lump.  She’s sending me a package so I might just take that opportunity.  So Sherry if you read this I’m sending you an email!!

 Later that day we had our Aquababies photo-shoot.  It was sooooooooo sooooo much fun.  Squidge is good in the water so it’s usually just a good time playing with her.  We took 6 shots- 2 of Squidge alone, 2 with all of us and 1 w/ each of us- does that add up to 6??  It was only thirty minutes and we were in the pool with about 5 other families.  Some of the kids handled it better than others.  I did feel bad for one mum.  Her kid was freaking out.  I don’t think she got one good photo.  It’s a bit of a bummer because you pay and if all the shots look like crap -ohh well, tough cookies.  I’m a little worried about the photo of me in a swimsuit- not something I want to see.  It was off to Borders Books after that.  Squidge was tired, refused to sleep and got really cranky so we didn’t stay there long. 

On Sunday I went back to Borders by.my.self.  It was WONDERFUL! I just browsed and had a latte and it was peaceful.  Mamma’s all rested and ready to deal w/ the Whirlwind called Squidge for another week.

On Friday C (Squidge’s best-est friend) was wearing the cutest stripy outfit.  I was a bit jealous cuz she’s the cutest thing ever and well since I want my kid to be the custes thing ever too I went out and bought a denim skirt.  Squidge has loads of tights but she had out grown her skirts.  Today she was all cute and stripy- behold a stripey Squidge…

Doesn’t she look sooo serious? This was her immediately after I took the photo…

I think she was telling me off for taking her photo.

Another shameless plug- C’s mummy now has a blog.  I’m slowly turning all my friends into bloggers…mmwaaa aaah aaah! Go show them some love over @ 2 kids and 5 minis


  1. byrney
    October 8, 2007 /

    Coooollll a stripey outfit..I do love them!! And she looks gorgeous in it!!
    And yes poo’ing/crying/eating dolls are just scary!
    Ta for the plug too!!

  2. October 8, 2007 /

    she looks adorable… and I will go peruse your friend’s writings… fresh meat for the blogging machine.

  3. maryann
    October 8, 2007 /

    she is so adorable! Don’t go buying too many things. Christmas is coming up and this time I am sending the gift 2 months early so it gets there in time. Please email me with ideas!!!! Love ya!!