Ladybir… bug?

More partying for Squidge.  On Friday we had a Halloween party at Bumps and Babies.  Squidge went as a ladybug (called a ladybird here).

Everyone had a great time.  We had a nice sized group and A one of the little girls from Ivy Cottage came.  It was pretty funny to see her and Caitlin running around screaming.  Squidge didn’t really know what to make of them and would just stand there looking at them and shouting.  I think Byrney is trying to upload video of the screaming.

Today we went to Ikea to buy Squidge some chairs.  She’s fascinated by chairs so it was time she got some of her own.  Of course photos will be taken tomorrow and blogged about as soon as possible.   We then went to Borders for my crack book fix.  I picked up this book.  I used this one all the time, it just helps me know what Squidge should or shouldn’t be doing.  I KNOW that all kids are different and I use them as a guide. 

Did you hear of that little girl they found in a plastic box out in Texas?  Poor little thing.  I keep thinking how no one noticed she was missing.  I keep thinking that you guys would know!  Hell I blog about Squidge and you’d notice there weren’t any more photos.  Anyhoo, just some of the weirdness that rattles around my brain.  I hope they find the rat bastards!