I have nothing.  Nothing to write about.  I think it’s NoBloBlaBlaBla-  it’s taking my mojo!  I haven’t taken a photo is days and days!!  So I promise to do better tomorrow. 

 Today we went to a Byrney’s house- she sells Usborne books.  Squidge had a great time.  Lots of food to eat- and boy does my girl like to eat.  Like I said before- no photos.  I bought a couple of books, we had a nice chat and I ate waay too many crisps/chips.  I bought a couple of cookbooks last week and I’ve made a couple of recipes from the book.  Blech!  is the only way to describe the results.  Now I’m a pretty good cook.  These two really stumped me.  I made fish chowder last Saturday and it felt like I was sucking on a salt stick.  Today I made seafood curry- Blech! Blech!  Oh well tomorrow will be better!

I’ve been working on my memory quilt.  I have the top ready and I bought the batting so I just need to cut the back.  Almost done. 

I’ll be back to normal blogging tomorrow with loads of photos. 


  1. November 7, 2007 /

    I had the blahs.

  2. maria
    November 8, 2007 /

    cooking and quilting and blogging. you are one creative lady.. you will get it back..