Questions and Sports

Casey of moosh in indy gave me a list of questions.  In honor of the NE Patriots win over the Indianapolis Colts I thought I would answer some of them today. 

moosh in indy. Nov 2nd, 2007 at 1:15 am

Conception story please. )
What does Wally do?
What did you to before heading over there?
Do people over there think you have an accent?
What was the hardest change when you became a mom?
Will Squidge have an English accent or an American one?
(Sorry, accents fascinate me, anything on the subject would be appreciated)

I’m saving the conception story for another time- sorry folks!

Wal’s official title is European sales manager.  In reality he is the ONLY European salesperson so I don’t really understand the manager part.  His territory is sooo much more than Europe, it includes everything that is NOT N., Central and S. America and Asia.  When I met him he was the marketing manager in SC and the only way he could get back to the UK was to take a sales position.  He enjoys marketing much much much more but hey it’s a job. 

I have a Psychology degree.  I worked damn hard for it- working full time and going to school. My very last job in the US was ‘site coordinator’  of a group home for mentally ill adults.  I loved that job and I believe I was pretty darn good at it.  I’m now in the process of getting new and improved qualifications.  I want to work 9-5, weekends off and make some decent (when I say decent I really mean indecent because I want bags and bags of MONEY!!) money.  I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes.  This is a long term plan as I won’t be going back to work until Squidge starts school. 

Yes, they do think I have an accent but oddly enough on the phone some people think I am Irish- odd innit?!?!  Most people think I’m from NY and only one person has ever correctly identified my accent as a Boston/Massachusetts accent.  I think it was just a lucky guess as I have a pretty f&cked up accent.  8 years of living in SC has left its mark and then add the 2+ years I’ve been here and you have one confused person. 

The hardest thing about being a Mom is being ON all.the.time!  The constant vigilance.  The trying to balance letting her be independent with keeping her safe.  I try to let Squidge fall on her ass w/out rushing over and coddling her.  I try to let her deal w/ the bullies in the play group w/out getting too involved.  Sometimes I was to get all northern and aggressive on the mums and just rip into them but I just roll my eyes and mutter under my breath in my best passive aggressive behavior. 

I think Squidge is going to be confused.  Poor thing won’t know if she should say alu-min-um or al-um-in-ium.  Should she say to-may-to or to-mah-to?  In my world HERB is a guy and (h) ERB is something we use in cooking.  So I think she’s going to mainly have an English accent with some Americanisms thrown in.  I say good job they say well done.  I say fall they say autumn. 

Never fear, you all KNOW that as soon as she says her first proper everyone can understand me sentence I’ll be blogging about it!!  Now if that sentence happens to be sooo very very English sounding I will laugh my ass off AND blog about it too!

I don’t know if I blogged about my stuffie making obsession.  I’m working on some stuffed bunnies and here is the first one I made. 

I’ve tweaked the design a bit.  I’m hoping to  make a few of these and put them up for sale in my etsy shop.  At the moment my little shop is a little bit sad and I haven’t had any sales but hopefully these little bunnies will change all that!!


  1. November 5, 2007 /

    I never thought of sharing the conception story!!!!

    My goodness.

  2. BlogWhore
    November 7, 2007 /

    That’s a lot of great background information on you… it’s nice to know where you are coming from.

  3. moosh in indy.
    November 12, 2007 /

    Can I just say I love how the English say aluminum?
    Spot on answering the questions, if you really need to confuse Squidge I’ll teach her Utahn.