Gingerbread dreams

Otay, so it’s been a while since I last posted.  First things first- YAY!  I passed my marketing course.  Phew, I’m glad it’s over. 

Today we had a Christmas party at our friend Teddy’s.  We had a fantabulous time!!  I made my famous chicken noodle soup, well ok so maybe I’m exaggerating the famousness of the soup.  We played pass the parcel where Squidge ended up double fisting fudge bars. 


Luckily she wasn’t able to open them and eat them.   I also made gingerbread- houses, angels, men and trees.  I was pretty pleased with my first ever from scratch gingerbread. Pleased until I tried to assemble to the house.  Well it was a flop if anyone can tell me how you get the house to stay together please let me  know.  We decided just to let the kids decorate the individual pieces and not try to turn it into a 3 dimensional house.  That was soo much fun, I think we ate more of the sweeties than ended up on the gingerbread. 

Well I have soo much more to add but I’m shattered.  I’ll finish this post in the morning… ok maybe not the morning.  We’re going to another toddler group xmas party and then off to Stockport for some shopping. 


  1. Maryann aka Madrinha
    December 19, 2007 /

    I have watched many a kid build a gingerbread house at the school where I work. The key is to use milk cartons as the base and somehow use frosting- made from scratch I believe- as the adhesive. I have also seen gingerbread mansions build from the Dunkin’s munchkin boxes.

  2. maria
    December 20, 2007 /

    Congrats on the class! woo hoo!! Looks like the kiddies ae busy getting sugared up.. They look busy and happpy..have fun today at your next par–TAY!! and don’t lose your Xmas joy at the mall.not so many ‘Christmas cheer’ kind of peeps out there…:)

  3. jenty
    December 20, 2007 /

    I’ve never tried to make one, let alone bake gingerbread cookies – well done for the attempt! At least you had fun trying 🙂

  4. Laura McIntyre
    December 20, 2007 /

    I have no idea how to make a gingerbread house, my baking skills are terrible full stop. Congrats on passing your course

  5. Liliana
    December 20, 2007 /

    hi well i talked to your father last night he does not know your e maial so jason can send pics of abraham love tia liliana

  6. byrney
    December 20, 2007 /

    It was a brilliant party activity, Caitlin thoroughly enjoyed herself!! Thanks also for our pressy, I’ve put a pic on my blog!! Its brilliant!!
    Congrats on your course…

  7. December 22, 2007 /

    Congrats on passing! Sounds like it was a super fun party too!

    You are the baking master. I have no clue how to make that stuff stick together!