Etsy love

Just some pretty things I bought myself last week…

The rings are from Far Afield Jewery, Polly has some really cute things and I really had to restrain myself from buying more.

I luuuurve the first ring- in my mind it’s very Asian and I think the deep red color is fab! Those that know me IRL will know that the second ring is a bit of a departure for me, hey a little color is a good thing! 

I also picked up a fabtablulous gift for my friend Victoria.  She’s turning 30 and I thought this was a very appropriate gift.  Any guesses what the necklace says??  Melanie Favreau Jeweller has some really cute things- there’s a pair of owl earring I’m drooling over and If I had an extra $125 to spend I’d be wearing the trinity ring RIGHT NOW!!  Go on over and check them out.  We need to support small independent businesses run by women.  While you’re at it give Etsy a little look see