The one where I act like a mama bear

Squidge had an appointment with a gp today, not her regular one as she was booked until late next week.  Squidge has been limping for about a week and a half.  I went to see her gp a couple of days after the limp appeared and was told to give it a few days and  if it was still there to come back.  Still there I came back.  So what happened when we get there? 

GP: I can’t see it.  Are you sure she has a limp? 

ME: It’s her left leg, there you see!  SHE’S LIMPING. 

GP: No sorry can’t see it.  It looks like normal toddler walking to me.

ME: You mean most toddlers walk like they’re dragging their foot behind them??  She has a limp.  She’s had it for over a week.  Dr V saw it and said to come back if it didn’t go away.  (meanwhile Squidge is running around and we’re looking at her) I know I’m not imaging this because people- STRANGERS say things like “does she always walk like that” and “is her leg OK? It looks like she’s limping” or ” are you OK sweetie, do you have an owie on your leg”!! 

I begin to pack up my things and thank him when there’s a knock on the door.  It’s Dr V our usual doc, YAY!! So he asks her about it and she confirms that yes Squidge did have a limp last week and that she thought if it didn’t go away it was toddler hip displacement (or something to that effect). So he’s referring us to see an pediatric orthopaedic specialist.  It’s a good thing Dr. V showed up when she did because I was going to walk out and make another appointment with another doc and I would have continued to do that until some one listened to me.   I’m  with my daughter all the time and I KNOW when something is wrong- don’t f%#k with me regarding my daughter- I’ll cut you!! Grrrr!!! 

I get a little  frustrated with the docs here in the UK.  Please don’t get me wrong I am sooo grateful for the National Health Service.  I don’t have the think about health-care and health costs.  If I have a problem I just call and we’re usually seen in a couple of days.  My frustration comes in their reactive attitude towards medicine.  It’s a little difficult adjusting to a different way of doing things.  In the US they’re much more proactive.  If I brought Squidge in for something they’d be all over her.  At the end of the day I prefer the NHS because  at least I HAVE health coverage.   Anyhoo rant  over hopefully we’ll have an appointment with the pediatric orthopaedic person sooner rather than later.

As for those that asked about how Squidge got her limp.  I don’t know, she just woke up one morning with a limp.  She’s not complaining, doesn’t wince in pain and continues to run around and play like she normally does.  All I know is that I can’t stand to look at her when she limps, she looks broken and it breaks my heart!

I’ve been working on getting my photographs in  order.  I take photos almost every singe day but I haven’t printed any since June.  I also want to frame them and hang them on the wall by the stairs.  So off we went to Ikea to pick up some frames-I want them all in black frames and knew that Ikea would have something I liked.

I still have another 10 or so to frame but ran  out of money. I’m kicking myself for heading out to Ikea without my debit card!!  I also picked up an 8×10 frame for the ‘professional’ photo I had done on Friday.  Yes folks it’s only taken us 19 months to have a professional  photo done.  From what I could see all  I need is a black and a white sheet and I can do what they do!  I’m sure you guessed it folks, I also picked up a white sheet (a fleece blanket actually) while I was at Ikea. 

Just some photos from Head over Heels (did you know that Melanie Brown took her kids there when she was in Manchester- Oooh la la!) yesterday.


  1. maria
    January 31, 2008 /

    aah MAN!! you, too??!! That is the worst when they think you are a liar or overprotective’ it’s a bad thing.. Glad you got it somewhat sorted .. We got tha same attitude when c had her neck ‘rash’ and one doc says moisturize and the next doc says WTF?? she needs both inner and outer penicillin!! Why did you wait so long?? you MUST be proactive here.. sigh*

  2. hazeljoy
    January 31, 2008 /

    hey! glad to hear she’s not hurting while she’s limping. that’d be a bit crappy. on the reactive/proactive medicine front, call me skeptical if you like, but don’t you think they’re all over you in the u.s. because they can get more (easy) money from the insurance if they do? of course it works both ways – over here they want (are made) to save money! i do hate it when they don’t believe you though.
    ps. nice photo selection – they look great in the frames x

  3. January 31, 2008 /

    I am not sure if you noticed I commented that my Sugar just started limping one day and it last like 2 weeks and then was gone. We could find nothing wrong with her. I do hope your little one is the same.
    My daughter was sort of walking on the outside of her foot, sort of rolling to the outside of her foot. It just suddenly stopped.

    oh and yes….I believe that all parents need to be strong advocates for their children when at the doctors office. We know our children. WE need to demand attention and proper care.

  4. jenty
    January 31, 2008 /

    I hear you about the photography, I’m also thinking of getting sheets and then trying to do it myself.
    Hope that the limping gets sorted out. I’d also be worried.

  5. byrney
    January 31, 2008 /

    You definately know best, good on you for standing your ground, and good timeing from the other Dr!!!
    Hope she’s fighting fit for our last outing tomorrow!!

  6. January 31, 2008 /

    I have no clue how I made it 2 weeks with no Squidge… I hope her limp gets better.

  7. February 1, 2008 /

    I hope her limp is all better soon.

    I could rant about the NHS for ages, im very grateful for free health care but as you said i sometimes feel nobody really cares.
    Rebecca is behind with her develpment always has been but no will look at her, even though my 15 month old is almost talking better we are still told wait till she is three. Im always amazed when kids in the US are getting phyisical therpy and stuff as young as one – Rebecca was not walking till 20 months and noone cares

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