Are you ready for some football?!??!!

more to come…

Ooooh!  I’m a bit tense- the game is not going as well as I hoped.  In an effort to distract myself I’m posting some photos.  Wal was in Madrid and Paris Wednesday until Friday afternoon. When he got home Squidge was very happy to see him.

OK, Giants just scored a touchdown.  As Wendy knows I have a horrible track record watching my team(s)- they ALWAYS lose when I watch.  Since I WANT them to win and it’s 4th quarter I’m going to stop watching.  Call me when they win!


  1. Tia Liliana
    February 4, 2008 /

    hi lindy uncle wayne is in arizona at the game hope they win love tia liliana

  2. Wendy
    February 4, 2008 /

    awwww. I want to cry! I’m so glad you’re exposing Squideg to American football. It’s half-time now.Brady’s lookin a bit shaky. Hopefully second half will look better. Talk soon. Love!!!!