Virgin Active

I despise Virgin Active. I despise all things Corporate and the evil soulless people that work for them. I hope they are happy in this life because Karma will catch up with them. I wonder,  when life goes to shit for them will they remember all the people they lied to and cheated?  Will they connect the dots?

I need to remember what is important to me.  I need to not get soo angry with people and things that do not matter.  They are NOT worth my energy and my time.  I will not waste any more of both on them.  I will focus on Squidge and her smile.  I’ll remember that Wal loves me and I him.  I will relish the times Squidge runs to me for a cuddle.  I hold on to Wal and remember our time together sharing a bottle on wine.  These are the things that matter.

Playing around with Flickr.


  1. jenty
    February 13, 2008 /

    That first photo is lovely! And I really like the colours in the last one.
    Hope you sort out the Virgin Active problem.

  2. Tia Liliana
    February 13, 2008 /

    i like the first one

  3. lonisargylesocks
    February 15, 2008 /

    I LOVE cross processed film, so I have to go with number 3. You commented on my blog a while ago. I had just moved to Manchester from the states. I’ve been coming to your blog on and off since and I really enjoy it, especially with all the pictures you post.

  4. February 19, 2008 /

    They are some of the greatest photos! Love the one of the 3 of you!

    I have no idea what/who Virgin Active is but I pu them on my shit list for you.