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I’ve been struggling with blogging recently. I think it’s the fact that I’m feeling a lot of blog envy and I hate the feeling. You see I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I have a core group of people that read my blog- mostly family!! Hi guyz, love you!! The thing I can’t figure out is how to get others to read my blog. Do I need to comment even more? Are my posts really really boring?? Please don’t answer that last question!! Anyhoo it bums me out a little bit and I hate that it bums me out!

Okee dokee back to normal blogging crap. It’s half term here in Manchester so Squidge and I don’t have any activities planned. Wal is back from Turkey- yipee. It’s been drizzling for days and days now so we’re stuck in the house.
We’re going to view a townhouse tomorrow. It’s the one I posted a while back. We decided that it gives us more room for about the same price as remodeling (which wouldn’t give us any more rooms just make one room bigger). There are loads of down sides to the property. The main problem is that I really want a HUGE house. Only problem is I’m too cheap to go into major debt for it. Also I found a house that I LOVE (at least on paper) but it’s about 50-75k too expensive *sigh*. The good thing we have on our side is that it’s a buyers market at the moment. We also don’t have to sell our current house- we’re going to take the equity to buy the new house and rent this one out. So it’s a win win situation as far as I can see. Now lets all keep our fingers crossed that I (and Wal) will fall in love with the townhouse.

On a more disgusting note- Squidge is driving me a bit crazy with her poo’s. The girl is poo’ing about 6 times a day. Oooh how I wish that was an exaggeration. I posted on a parenting forum and the consensus is that I’m giving her too much fruit and veg! WTF!! Now I will admit that I’ve been giving her prunes (2/3 every couple of days) but that does not account for the number and volume of poopy nappies!! OKee I’m done with the poopy talk.


  1. Tia Liliana
    March 26, 2008 /

    you are too funny and squidgy is too cute

  2. March 26, 2008 /

    I *was* eating breakfast.

    seriously though… K used to poop a whole lot too. She also ate a lot of fruits and veg. She still eats them. Maybe her system got used to it… but I did back off on the raisins a bit. Maybe back off the prunes and let her enjoy the rest and see what happens?

  3. Suburban Mum
    March 26, 2008 /

    She is so cute in her Marigolds! And that dress…. darn I get broody for little girls’ clothes!

    We must arrange to meet up at HoH again soon (when I am no longer full of germs!). Went there at 9.30 a couple of weeks ago, have you ever been that early? We were the only people there for about 20 minutes, it was bliss!

  4. jenty
    March 26, 2008 /

    Hey I read your blog!! What do you think is a few people?
    Have you looked at what your most popular posts are? Maybe guage from that what people are reading?
    Good luck with the house hunting.

  5. maryann
    March 26, 2008 /

    Chronicles of Squidgyboo is a very popular blog as far as I’m concerned… We’ve been missing you (we-meaning myself and co-workers). Hope it all works out with the house situation. XOXO

  6. habitual
    March 27, 2008 /

    Squide’s hair is looking super cute! I like it!

    The poop stories made me light headed…. I can’t deal with toddler poop. Baby yes, toddler no. After 11 nieces and nephews, I had burnout around #8 or 9. Lol…..gross!

    Pictures, pictures, pictures of the houses! I wanna see!

  7. maria
    March 27, 2008 /

    wish catherine would eat more veg.. but prunes, you are brave! 🙂 Best of luck house hunting. Keep us posted.

  8. March 27, 2008 /

    Hey girl.
    about the blogging thing….I found I had to go out and comment A LOT to get the readership I have. It is a ton of work. I must admit that blogging was easier before I had lots of readers. I seriously have nearly 100 blogs in my reader and I read at least 50 blog posts a day. it is sucking up my life. LOL

    as for the poop. Have you changed anything recently? I’d say, her body will adjust to it, or you could cut back on the prunes.

  9. March 27, 2008 /

    I definetly get blog envy alot, you see some blogs that have 100s of comments per posts and you wonder what you done wrong.
    For a start i love your blog and im not family 🙂
    Commenting is always a good way to build reader ship plus joining blog rings, blog sites etc…
    I have gave up on it now and am just happy someone reads.

    I think some kids just poo alot, Eilidh goes about 5/6 times a day no matter what she eats. SO pleasent

  10. March 27, 2008 /

    Looks like you got a few readers more then yo might have thought! I love your blog!!!!

    My cats poo a lot. But probably not as much as a kid. It does stink though. Probably WORSE then a kid!!