An update (or how we dilly dallied until we totally missed the historic housing boom!)

OK so I promised the low down on our housing situation. When I last left you we had looked at a modern townhouse and had gone to see a financial person to see about keeping our current house by releasing the equity to finance our new house. Can you believe they won’t give me the money without charging me interest! The NERVE! I was a bit bummed out that my completely delusional idea of a property empire required more risk than I was willing to live with. Oh and the fact that I would have to go back to work sooner rather than later and that would mean no more babies. So I decided I still want to have another baby (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT) so no crazy debt for us. While we have been looking on rightmove at houses I kept hearing about banks no longer offering this mortgage or that morgatage but thinking this was not going to affect us. In reality it does affect us because the mortgages that are out there suck- high interest, fees, penalties… I kept thinking it was the perfect time to buy and not such a good time to sell. In reality it’s just a crappy time to do either. We can get a mortgage but at what cost… Our game plan at the moment is to do some DIY around the house to get it ready to sell. leak We’re planning on a new kitchen and bathroom. Why are we doing that you might ask. Well we’ll be able to get more for the house if we update those rooms. So as much as it pains me (and BOY DOES IT PAIN ME!!) we’re committed to being here for another six months (please god don’t let it be any longer). Oh and don’t for a second think I don’t know that will take me weeeell into the summer parking/noisy pub season, *sigh* it really can’t be avoided. We don’t want to rush it and want to get as much for our house as possible. We’re also hoping that the housing market will bounce back in that time.

I’m also very aware that I have been talking about moving since before Squidge was born. I love my man deeply, wholeheartedly but a quick decision maker he is not. He also loves his little house- his bachelor pad. It’s taken him a long time to come to terms that the house just doesn’t work for us. That we are too old to deal with loud drunks walking by our house at 2am. That people blocking our driveway just really sucks and that dealing with the irritation isn’t neccessary. I think the thing he is mourning the most is realizing that we do not use the neighborhood to it’s full potential. That we are parents now and having really nice trendy pubs and restaurants around the corner is fine and dandy but we hardly ever go to them. The realization that we are not a young professional couple and that the world is no longer our lobster has FINALLY set in. Hurrah!! I’m totally happy being a 30 something SAHM w/ my 40 something man who brings home the lardons!

I also need to take some responsibility for the lack of action. I’ve been trying to come up with alternatives to moving. Trying to figure out how to let my man keep his love shack. It’s the reason we thought about and actually went so far as to get planning permission to extend. The reality was that it was going to cost us more than it was worth. Once we got a few quotes we realized we would not recoup that money when we sold. If we had been adding another bedroom then yes but we aren’t. Did we do it the wrong way around? Should we have gotten quotes before we had plans drawn up? I don’t know. So there you go folks- the good. the bad. the idiotic. Someone please shoot me if we change our minds AGAIN. I don’t think I can handle it. So this weekend we’re off to the local giamondo DIY center to order a new bathroom. We already have the tiles. Yes folks I will be peeing in a bucket in the back garden sometime soon- photos will be posted!! Of the bucket not of me peeing- you pervs!

Because I think my aunt Liliana is having Squidge withdrawals and I expect my mother will call soon to tell me to post photos.

Poom poom galinha


  1. maria
    April 11, 2008 /

    hugs girl!! You are amazing!! ..and do you blame those ladies for going into Squidge withdrawal?? hellOOO!! Look at those cheeks!!

  2. Tia Liliana
    April 11, 2008 /

    yes I was having squidgy withdrawals love the hair well it is friday you know what that means love you all

  3. April 11, 2008 /

    sometimes making the decision is the hardest part. YOU GO!

  4. Maryann
    April 11, 2008 /

    She has the best hair and also the shape of her eyebrows… What a beauty… I want to talk to you about my idea for her birthday gift…. I will email soon… here’s a hint… some sort of tricycle/bike thing…

  5. Jo Beaufoix
    April 12, 2008 /

    At least the decision is made. We just changed our mortgage as our fixed rate is ending, but luckily we’re staying with Halifax so they switched us onto a new deal. It’ll cost us an extra fifty quid a month but we think we can find it. I’ve been so worried though. If we’d had to sell we’d have been doing a ton of DIY too. Go girl, it will be worth it. And Squidge is so cute. 😀

  6. byrney
    April 12, 2008 /

    Oh no!! We too will be peeing in a bucket in 3 weeks time so I sympathise!!!

  7. lieslf
    April 13, 2008 /

    Here’s hoping a solution to your housing woes pops up soon 🙂 And Squidge is so super-sweet. What a happy child!

  8. Vic
    April 13, 2008 /

    I can sympathise with the “peeing in a bucket” situation! Except ours was just in the dark and cold. I am SO glad that part is done!

    On other notes, I was looking in the local paper, and there are some nice houses, although I’m not certain of your price range etc. (I know you aren’t looking officially, but it can’t hurt to window shop eh?? 😉

    V x

  9. jenty
    April 13, 2008 /

    That second photo is lovely!
    Good luck with the renovations, that takes lots of guts!

  10. April 14, 2008 /

    best of luck! Glad to hear Wal caught on a little bit… funny how guys are about holding on to their glory days!

    Can’t wait for pics of the bucket.

    As always, she is super adorable.. love that ‘look’ in the last one..