One of the best things about living in Manchester is that sheer number of things to do- for FREE! I likes me some free stuff so this makes me happy. A few people have commented that Squidge and I appear to do loads of things. Well yes and no. I do post our trips out and about Manchester and surrounding areas but we (I) also have some mind numbingly boring days where my fat a$$ barely leaves my little thread bare chair. On the days when we do go out we have loads of free places to go. So as an ode to my adopted home town I’ll list all the cool things to do with kids (and adults) in Manchester.

Manchester City Centre is FANTABULOUS. It’s a bit like Boston- a big city with a small town feeling. Very walkable with loads of old mills, buildings and really great restaurants and museums.

Last week Squidge and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and it didn’t cost us anything. I KNOW isn’t that great?! They even allow you to bring in a packed lunch and provide tables for you to eat your packed lunch. They also have some great exhibits (that you must pay to see). A few of us from the LFoMC are planning on going to see Body Works- I’m a bit squeamish but a couple of glasses of wine should settle my nerves.

Another favorite place to wile away a couple of hours is Urbis. Another museum and one that is very child friendly as they have exhibits that they allow children to climb all over them. Although the last time we were there we climbed all over everything and didn’t notice a very important message.

Thankfully for me (although not for Byrney) I had already moved on to another room when it was pointed out to us. Still it is a great place to go.

Manchester Cathedral is also free- I’ve never been but it is on my list.  Just the sheer number of people in Manchester makes it a great place to people watch.

If you’re into food you’ll love Manchester. Rusholme is famous for it’s curry- it is called Curry mile after all. Many a night (BS*) we would be found eating a curry around 2am after a night out on the town.

If you like music well there’s a history of some fab bands coming from Manchester. Oasis, Morrissey/The Smiths, Stone Roses, Joy Division and New Order are some that come to mind.

If you’re gay well then Manchester is the town for you. Canal Street has some fantastic clubs and it’s where we would be found before you found us having a curry in Rusholme- BS*. In the US there was a show called Queer as Folk which was based on a UK show of the same name which was set in Manchester’s Canal Street. There’s a big gay festival called Queer up North which puts on a great party.

If you’re into sports you can check out Manchester United FC or Manchester City FC and have a stadium tour. I’ve done the Man Utd tour and highly recommend it. The Commonwealth games were held in Manchester a couple of years ago and there’s a triathlon that is held here.

So come on folks tell me about your hometown (or adopted hometown). Why should I visit and what would Squidge and I do when we got there?

*Before Squidge


  1. April 7, 2008 /

    to be fair… I’d want to get inside the big huge roll of tape too!

  2. Vic
    April 7, 2008 /

    You forgot Take That on the list of music!! Although they probably mean very little to you!

    I love Manchester too. I just wish I could get to see more of it these days!

  3. habitual
    April 7, 2008 /

    Oh-o, Manchesterrr……. that’s one of my favorite Smiths lyrics.

    My adopted hometown is your old hometown! Lol…..

    Let’s see, I think of Boston as a little city with a big city ‘feel’. It’s got all the museums and reasonable shopping (with the exception of shoes!), but it’s small and easy to get around on foot or bike.
    I think these are always winners with people:
    Freedom Trail – everyone LOVES this. Everyone.
    Salem, MA (House of 7 Gables and the Peabody Essex Museum)
    USS Constitution ‘Old Iron Sides’
    Harvard Yard
    Carpenter Center (Le Corbusier’s only U.S. Building)
    MIT (for nerd-watching. It’s real!)
    Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
    Museum of Fine art

    and for shopping, I like to stick to Cambridge. Especially Huron Village, Harvard Yard and Upper Mass Ave.

  4. RachelCJ
    April 8, 2008 /

    I effing love Manchester….

    You forgot to mention all the National Trust properties that cost a minimal fee. They might not be in the city centre, but they are all around the Greater Manchester Area.

    And I am going to rave about my little corner of the world, Chorlton. Its so family friendly you could throw up. Playgroups every day of the week, Head over Heels (okay, its £3.50, but thats cheap) also, the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road where you can take your kids to see a real mummy, OH, we forgot to mention the sheer abundance of green spaces with playgrounds, and my favorite, Longford Park, with its fantastic Pets Corner. When Bird flu touches down, well, Longford Park will be its first stop! 🙂 And the people, well, Mancs and Northerners are the most wonderful, friendliest group of people, and they love transplants!

    As a transplanted New Yorker, I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else! Love this town!!!

  5. April 8, 2008 /

    Damn! I need to come visit and play with you guys! Tons of fun..

  6. jenty
    April 8, 2008 /

    Now that’s one place I’ve never been. I’ve been to the UK twice, but never visited that city.
    Now, thanks to you, I’d love to go there!

  7. April 10, 2008 /

    What a great idea!! I love your description of your hometown