Do you box??

I’m talking wine. I bought a box of wine for the first time EVER a couple of weeks ago. For cooking purposes, one of our favorite (read: I make it all the fraking time) recipes calls for a glass of wine! Of course I have heard the telltale gurgle of box wine being poured a few times followed by Wal w/ glass in hand. Now the reason I ask is because we’re having people over on Sunday and it would just be cheaper easier to buy a box. Now we’ll splurge on the good stuff. BUT therein lies my real question. Is there good stuff when we’re talking box??!!?!


  1. Jo Beaufoix
    May 16, 2008 /

    You know I haven’t, but I would. If they do any Blossom Hill or Ernest and Julio Gallo then that’s always nice. I bet they do. I’d go for it. Slurp.

  2. The Biff
    May 16, 2008 /

    Lindy – It’s the same wine that’s in the bottle. No chance of it being corked and stays fresh for at least 6 weeks after opening (like 4 bottles of wine would last 6 weeks!!)Try Hardy’s Stamp, Hardy’s VR or, if you want to help save the planet, Banrock Station – money goes to save wetlands around the world from every purchase. Here endeth the Advertisement

  3. Kim (aka Bmore_2_uk)
    May 18, 2008 /

    My cousins were in France and they saw French people carrying around boxes of wine. They figured if the French are willing to drink it by the box, than it’s good enough for anyone!