In the form of twitter tweets and in no particular order or sense for that matter.

I finally paypal’d the money for our Cape Cod holiday- WOOT!

I’m drooling over a Nikon D200.  I’m hoping to pick one up used while in the US this summer.

Spent the day in Knutsford yesterday.  Decided it’s where I want to live. After 3 years in England living in the ‘country’ doesn’t scare me any more- WOOT!!

I’ve decided to take a seriously proper photography course.

I’m addicted to Bokeh.

I’ve had homemade pizza 2 days running.  I will NEVER eat any other pizza ever.  If you haven’t made your own you haven’t lived.

My diet is not going well. *see above*

I want to buy a professional photo printer so that I can start printing and selling some photos.  Am I crazy?

I am in awe of this woman.  Go read her blog, you can thank me later.

I want to be this woman.  Oh and this one too! Oh alright if I’m completely honest I want to be like all of them.  If you’re into photography and you don’t read shutter sisters you don’t know what you’re missing.  They’re women.  They’re talented.  They’re encouraging, supportive and intelligent.  Go on over and take a look, you can thank me later.

My June tree (it’s actually a bush but it’s so big I think of it as a tree) is beginning to blossom. I will forever think of the last few days of my pregnancy when this tree blooms.  I was 10 days over due.  My mother had flown over to be with me for the birth and I realized I didn’t have ANY photos of me preggers!  So my Mom snapped a couple of me by the tree.


  1. byrney
    June 12, 2008 /

    Oooooo now Knutsford is NICE!!!!! I bet there are some really nice houses there.
    I’ve never made pizza…please can I have your recipe??
    Glad you are pursuing photography, you are really good at it, and no its a great idea to buy a decent printer!

  2. Jenty
    June 12, 2008 /

    That is a very stunning photo of the flower!
    I’m quite jealous of your photo course!

  3. June 13, 2008 /

    You should definitely pursue photography — your pics are stunning. I would love to take a photography course myself.

  4. June 13, 2008 /

    I have this horrible habit, horrible. I always always scroll through your blog and look at the pictures in a post BEFORE I read the post. I know it’s bad of me, it’s like skipping to the last page of a book to read the ending before going back to the start, but I can’t help it. So I just did that with this post… I had to go back and read immediately because when I saw the overdue you standing under the tree I thought there had been something you were keeping from all of us… Yes… I am that nutty.

  5. habitual
    June 13, 2008 /

    Look at that belly! I had one sister that was 2 weeks overdue with both pregnancies and both times she had 10+ pounders. Yikes! The second time, I swear, that baby came out holding its head up, looking around like “what took you guys so long”. I will never forget it!

    Where are you staying on the cape? *jealous*!!!!

  6. June 14, 2008 /

    Good luck on your photography course, i really hope you do well with it. I love you shots and think you could go far 🙂

  7. Jo Beaufoix
    June 15, 2008 /

    Wow, I love the bokeh effect too. I’d never heard of it till now but it’s stunning. And pregnant you is so lovely. And I am so jealous of your holiday. And yay for your photo course. Go for it. You are good.

  8. maria
    June 16, 2008 /

    I lIke Bokeh too..nice work..nad thanks for sharing and being so honest..are you back on the diet wagon today? I hear ya.. fell off as well..