Three Corners- June

Circle in a Square. Sounds simple enough and it was the theme I chose for June’s Three Corners Project. Whenever I drive Wal to work we drive by Southern Cemetery.

I always admire the wrought iron fence and that is where I got my inspiration. I thought it was a really challenging theme. Hooooo boy was I right. It was frecking hard ya’ll!! I looked for circles in squares everywhere. I got so fed up looking for circles in squares that I posted in our flickr group that maybe we should expand it to just circles. A bit dejected Wal and I went for a walk yesterday to Southern Cemetery so I could photograph my fence. I was a bit sad that I would only have one photograph that would follow the original theme.

Well folks a cemetery is a gold mine when it comes to circles in squares!! I’m pleased with how it turned out and hope you do to. Don’t forget to go over and check our Corey and Jenty’s pics- they did a fantastic job as usual. I love how different our photographs are and how our approach to the themes are dictated by where we live.


  1. July 1, 2008 /

    Had to come by and see what you came up with for your theme. I really like them a lot… feeds my dark side 😉

  2. July 1, 2008 /

    That is a really hard theme- but very well executed by all- love the light in your photos

  3. July 1, 2008 /

    holy cow girl! You rocked it today! 🙂 woo hoo….I am sooooooooooooooooooooo in love with the shot of the fence with the sun flare. STUNNING! 🙂 woo hoo!

  4. July 1, 2008 /

    Very very clever Lindy!!
    The light in the photo with the fence is just amazing!

  5. bubblewench
    July 1, 2008 /

    Your photography is excellent in these shots! WOW! Great job!

  6. Secret Agent Mama
    July 1, 2008 /

    They are all brilliant, but the second one is quite extraordinary!

    • December 10, 2011 /

      I could watch Scndhiler’s List and still be happy after reading this.

  7. Rachel
    July 2, 2008 /

    Wow, excellent job!

  8. July 9, 2008 /

    I’m not exactly sure how I found you, but I’ve been perusing your archives for a bit and I must say that you take AMAZING photographs!