I'm leaving on a jetplane.

I know when I’ll be back again. Wal FINALLY booked our flight and I’ll be basking in the Massachusetts summer by Monday night.

I’ll be away for 4 weeks- 1 week with my parents, 2 weeks w/out my parents and 1 week on CC w/ my BFF! I don’t know what time my flight arrives but it will be in the afternoon. I turn into a complete consumer whore when I go to the US and have a HUGE list already. I’m off to JL to pick up a suitcase for Squidge as she now has a luggage allowance- the ONLY benefit of her turning 2 and having to pay for her seat!

I’m sure I’ll be blogging while I’m away- as long as my parents computer isn’t riddled w/ viruses.

I also want to wish Wendy good luck. She’s taking her bar exam sometime this month. I’m sure she’ll do well- she always does. I’ve never met someone more determined! She went to Law School on a full scholarship, managed to keep that scholarship while raising 3 kids and a hubby and she DIDN’T go nuts- much.


  1. Wendy
    July 12, 2008 /

    Hey BFF!!! I can’t wait to see you! I am so looking forward to a RESTFUL VACATION on the shore!!! The exam is on the 30th & 31st so please forgive me if you do not hear from me until then. I’ve been holed up in a library 7 DAYS A WEEK 🙁 🙁 See you soon and have a safe flight!!!!!! And thanks for the well wishes. I can use all the good karma I can get my hands on.

  2. jenty
    July 12, 2008 /

    Good luck to Wendy!
    enjoy your trip!

  3. maria
    July 12, 2008 /

    are house renovations going to be going on then back in Manchester? have a greaT TIME!! EXPECTING LOads of pics..

  4. July 12, 2008 /

    Oh you lucky thing, have a great holiday and look forward to reading all about it.

  5. Tia Lilliana
    July 13, 2008 /

    glad you are coming home cant wait to see squidgy

  6. habitual
    July 13, 2008 /

    Have a wonderful time – boy, he waited until the very last minute to get your ticket!

    The weather has been hot and hazy for the last 2 weeks….and….AND – I’m not kidding- they spotted a Great White off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. I know you’re from here so maybe that doesn’t freak you out, but seriously, it scares me to death. So, if you post about swimming in the ocean with Squidge, I can’t read it….lol…. *hands over eyes*

  7. July 13, 2008 /

    Good luck Wendy!!
    And have a safe trip Lindy & Squidge! We’ll miss you….

  8. Lindy
    July 14, 2008 /

    Thanks everyone- I’m really looking forward to this trip! Oh and Amy I think you just scared the crap out of Wal!!

  9. Vic
    July 14, 2008 /

    I guess I might have missed you, but I hope you and Squidge have a great flight.

    We’ll miss you, esp at Aqua.

    Good luck to Wendy

    See you soon

  10. July 14, 2008 /

    have a great trip! nothing wrong with all the consumerism – at this point the pound is so much stronger than the dollar you might as well go nuts…

  11. bubblewench
    July 15, 2008 /

    WOOHOO! Have a blast! Enjoy all that shopping…