Misc mind mumbles

Yesterday my parents left for Portugal. It’s been pretty quiet here since they left. I went grocery shopping and basically puttered around the house. I also watered the flowers and 5 minutes later it rained (biblical torrential rain). I bet the neighbors thought it was weird. The sky did look dark and ominous but you know when you think it’s going to rain and it just never does? That’s what I thought was going to happen. *shrug*

Squidge is really missing her Dada. I called him this morning and she got all teary when she heard him on the phone. Her pt is NOT going well. She is now refusing to go on the potty. She’ll sit on the blasted thing for hours then get up and pees in the back porch. So I’m not really sure what to do- off to the bookstore tomorrow I suppose!

It’s been very hot here, the rain hasn’t done much to get rid of the muggy ‘god I need a shower’ feeling you get 5 minutes after taking a shower. Now in case you think that was a complaint, it’s not. I will take that feeling over needing a cardi in July any day of the week!

Been reading all the Blogher posts wishing I could have gone but knowing I’m not anywhere near those bloggers league. I don’t make money off this site, I don’t advertise, no PR people contact me and I no writa soo good so no one has asked me to savvy/kirtsy/guestpost anywhere. So really why do I want to go to Blogher? The fact that it was held in San Francisco and Shutter Sister hosted a photo walk is probably two big reasons for my Blogher envy.

This arrived in the post yesterday.

and boy am I taking some truly crappy photos with it. Makes my little D40 look like a toy. I think I’m going to refer to them as Fat Man and Little Boy from now on- it’s what I thought of when I took Fat Man out of the box. Not that they’re in any way related to the original Fat Man and Little boy but hell I can call (or not) my cameras anything I please.

Tomorrow I’m off to the zoo with Squidge. I was going to go the the NE Aquarium but I think I’m going to save that for next week. I’m off to try to figure out this beast of a camera- I don’t want to take crappy photos of Squidge at the zoo!!


  1. Suburban Mum
    July 24, 2008 /

    Woah, now I’m jealous!

    And that dog is some size there!!!

    Don’t worry too much about the potty training (SO much easier to say than do, I know). We went through something similar and then one day, it just clicked. That day WILL come!

  2. byrney
    July 24, 2008 /

    Cool new camera, look forward to lots of pics!!
    Enjoy the zoo!!
    PT…its a minefield! Are you rewarding her when she goes on it? I gave Caitlin a little boring sticker if she sat on, and a big sparkly sticker if she produced lol!!! SM is right it will just click!

  3. Vic
    July 24, 2008 /

    Wow! The camera looks good, As much as it can do to a complete cameraphobe!! You’re photos will be brilliant soon, with a bit of practise, they’re looking pretty good already!!

    As for the PT, you know what worrying I did with Oz and PTing, and he was well over 6 months older than Squidge. I’m sure she will click soon enough, but if I were you I would leave it for a bit. If you think you can cope with the stress, keep going, of course, but I’m not convinced its worth it. With J, I’m determined to not stress about it. I’m going to wait until she has clicked (unfortunately, we think the time is getting closer. She keeps ripping off her nappy, sitting on the potty and then shitting on the floor, or pouring the wee eveywhere!!!)

    Enjoy the zoo. Even if it is hot! It’s quite nice here today. Warm enough to NOT wear a cardy! YAY!


  4. July 24, 2008 /

    I’m with you on experiencing blogher envy too! I so want to go next year! And, the camera looks fab! Have fun at the zoo with it . . . and with Squidge too!

  5. The Biff
    July 24, 2008 /

    Are you trying to start a camera war? There was I feeling cocky because I’ve just forced Janet into buying me a 200mm lens for my birthday (it’s not until September but what the hell!!) and you go and trump me with a new D200. I can picture the day when Wal and Janet lock us both in a room with instructions not to come out without agreeing a Limitation Treaty – shades of Reagan and Gorbachev in Iceland.
    The PTing will work – eventually. Just think of the glorious day when you can walk past the aisle in the Supermarket and not have to put a bulky pack of nappies in your trolley – you could buy a decent bottle of wine a week with the money you’ll save.

  6. maria
    July 25, 2008 /

    ..nice big piece of machinerey there, lady! best of luck with it! I just watch you with amazement..and awe.. you are my pioneer going to uncharted waters.. where I will too one day Wade or sink or whatever!! best of luck with The PT.. I ‘hear’ giving it a rest and picking it up again sometimes help..but do what you know best mamma!! ya..enjoy the weather!! cate is sweating her head off but I’m still in jeans!! LOL!!

  7. Randi
    July 25, 2008 /

    Look at you! Congrats on the new camera! That’s the one we want to upgrade to!!! Sweet. Is it easy to use?

    Have fun with your new toy!!

  8. Sarah
    July 25, 2008 /

    Congratulations on the D200 – what a leap from the D40! Aah, I hope you’ll be very happy together.