Out and About- New Bedford Styley!

For those that don’t know I’m from Massachusetts. I was born and raised in New Bedford. This is the part in the post where those that know of but have never been to, let alone lived in New Bedford say ooooh! and think you poor thing! Personally I think New Bedford gets a bad rap and that it has a lot going for it. So in this post I’ll try to edumakate all those not in the know about this little city of mine.

If you’ve ever read Moby Dick (required reading for anyone in the NB school system) you might remember that it starts out in New Bedford. When they made the book into a movie the premier was held at the Zeiterion Theatre. As of November, 2005, the port is the top U.S. fishing port in terms of dollar value of catch, so if you want some fresh fish you know where to come. Some famous New Bedforders are Frederick Douglass, John Tukey: Statistician whose usage of the term “software” and “bit” are believed to be the first in written history. William Greenleaf Eliot: Co-founder and benefactor of Washington University of St. Louis. Grandfather of T. S. Eliot. I’m not going to list everything because that’s what wikipedia is for! Seriously click on the New Bedford link and see for yourself.

This afternoon I took a little stroll through downtown New Bedford. I parked in front of the massive public library and walked down William St. As I was strolling past I noticed a cute shop selling mid century furniture and other such odds and ends. If I could decorate my house all in this style I would. Sooo I popped in. I asked if I could snap some photos and spent a good little while in there. If I lived within driving distance I would have been the happy owner of a fantastic 1950’s(?) table and chairs. It had the craziest orange starburst on the tabletop. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of it!

Afterwards I popped in at the New Bedford Art Museum. It was only $3 and I spent about 30 minutes in there. It’s not very big (although there was a lower level I didn’t see because I had Squidge in the pushchair) but what they had on display was nice. An artist whose name escapes me Jane Tuckerman had these fantastic photos of antique dolls and other images. One of the photos of a doll was down right spoooooky- I don’t want to see THAT on a late night trip to the loo! It was well worth the entrance fee and I will be back.

Then it was off to The Whaling Museum! I’ve been to this museum a few times and love it!

If you’re in the area why not stop. You can have lunch at Freestones.

Do a little window shopping and check out some of what New Bedford has to offer. This now concludes what I’m sure sounds like a paid advertisement from the New Bedford Tourism Council! Hmm that’s not a bad idea- maybe I should contact them.

If you want to see more of my trip in downtown New Bedford click here.


  1. byrney
    August 1, 2008 /

    Looks like a nice place, the whale museum sounds really interesting. And yeah why not contact them about a bit of advertising lol!!

  2. maria
    August 2, 2008 /

    very cool!! Thanks for sharing!! Looks like great weather..

  3. habitual
    August 2, 2008 /

    Well, I’m not a local in this neck of the woods so a lot of the perceptions of the old port cities are over my head. MP and I have made a Saturday jaunts to NB and LOVED it (whaling museum, art museum, strolling around). All the old fishing and whaling ports out here…..they are gorgeous….the old buildings, the granite and cobblestone streets, the historic homes…..just beautiful.

    But then, I’m from Detroit. So, I think I maybe see the beauty and bones of a place where others might see something else? I dunno. But NB is definitely cool.

  4. moosh in indy.
    August 6, 2008 /

    New Bedford just sounds fancy. Indianapolis sounds like you threw up in your mouth a little.