As I mentioned before I live in Manchester. Manchester is like a lot of large cities, some good some bad. My little corner of Manchester is very nice, very trendy. Good schools, great pubs and fantastic parks and green spaces.   I like living here.  There are all kinds of people here, those that have lived here before it was trendy and those that moved here because it’s trendy. The mums I bump into come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and nationalities. Some of the mums are the type that push bugaboos, wear skinny jeans and drive minis/mercedes/range rovers. Now me, I’m just a normal girl from Massachusetts. We own one car- an 8 y/o VW Golf. I am what I am and I don’t really try to put on airs. If Squidge wants to go to the park and I haven’t taken a shower that’s OK. I’m going to the park NOT a fancy dinner. I’m pretty friendly and will try to make eye contact with mums at the park. If I see you around our little corner of Manchester I’ll say hi.

Today I bumped into a bugaboo pushing, skinny jeans wearing posh car driving mum. I see her around all the time. She looked away when I smiled at her. So today I decided to stop trying make eye contact with you, bugaboo pushing, skinny jeans wearing posh car driving biotch! What makes you think you are above me? Why do you refuse to make eye contact? You obviously think highly of yourself. You don’t know me and yet you’ve judged me and found me lacking. You have found me not worthy of a quick hello or a smile.

When my daughter runs up to you waving hello with a smile on her face don’t turn away. She’s only 2. She hasn’t learned that people suck. That they don’t care and can be cruel. She’ll learn that soon enough, probably from your kid. You’re the adult YOU should be a better person. Our kids will be in the same year at school, we will be meeting up at various events. Will you spend the entire time pretending not to see me? Turning away when I (or others found lacking) come into your general direction?

This type of thing doesn’t usually bother me. I suppose spending 4+ weeks with family and friends has softened my skin a bit. People, even strangers would smile back when a giggly 2 year old would wave at them. Mums at the park would joke and share a smile with you. It doesn’t mean I want to come over and share my secrets with you. It’s called being civil and a nice human being. You, bugaboo pushing, skinny jeans wearing posh car driving mum might want to learn a thing or two from my kid.

These little beings and their parents make me forget the BPSJWPCD biotches of the world.  Thanks guys for being my friend and never making me feel like I don’t count.


  1. August 22, 2008 /

    What an absolute COW!!

  2. maria
    August 22, 2008 /

    LOve that picture at the end!! Reminds me of the Bad News Bears or something.. Lindy, I SSSOO hear you.. but I often wonder aren’t we becoming like ‘them’? the way I find a lot more mums are than not.. The ‘I don’t know you, You haven’t passed my coolness factor ‘ test..’ I won’t speak or acknowledge you even though we are the only two people here’!! I wonder if I can come up wth an expression.. or something to let her (yes cow) know that I know she is rude and i’m not stooping to her level.. I guess I can explain to cate that ‘ we don’t have to be llike the rude lady’..LOL!! Only rude is different here.. Anyway..glad you are back!!

  3. rachel c-j
    August 22, 2008 /

    Damn those Didsbury mothers, you should move to Chorlton, its more boho than chic! However, as a bugaboo driver myself, you shouldn’t tar us all with the same brush!!!

  4. Jo Beaufoix
    August 22, 2008 /

    Ohh those skinny beotches make me so mad. The other day Miss M was smiling like crazy at this woman on the bus and she WOULD NOT SMILE BACK.
    M got really confused and said, “Mummy, dat lady won’t smile at me.”

    And I just said, “Oh she’s probably just thinking about something babe and didn’t notice.”

    But I really wanted to say, “That’s because she’s a grumoy bu**er.” I was so sad that M had noticed though. It made her go all quiet and thoughtful.

  5. byrney
    August 22, 2008 /

    Sod them…although that makes me as bad as them! Hopefully their kids won’t grow up like that!

  6. Joanne
    August 23, 2008 /

    I was definately one of those bugaboo; skinny jeans; posh car driving girls when I lived in Manchester. I would however have said hi and totally talked your ear off given half a chance. Her loss; definately her loss!

  7. habitual
    August 23, 2008 /

    First of all – Squidge is so blonde from all that sunshine!!!!! She looks adorable!

    Secondly, that sucks – am I a bad person because I TOTALLY pass judgment on the bugaboo brigade? I think they are bad people. True story: My sister, who has more money than god but you’d never know it, came for a visit with the kids. She loves to hit the shops on Charles street (and she loves to eat at Paramount because they give you a breakfast salad (!)) and I warned her that if she was going to go, with her $40 ‘Snap-n-Go’ carry-on stroller that she was going to get serious attitude from the snobs (my sister does not tolerate attitude). She didn’t care so we went. And I shit you not, we were falling on the cobblestone sidewalk in fits of laughter at the bugaboo assholes. I mean you could not swing a cat with out hitting one of those $900 contraptions or the people that thought they were pushing a baby land rover. And the looks my sister got for her shitty stroller…..omg…..we had a blast. It was hilarious!

    So – I guess my point is people suck. Squidge is beautiful and we all know it. My favortie quote from your post: “…she’ll learn that soon enough, probably from your kid….”Lol. SO TRUE. Why do people have to be such assholes in this day and age? I hope she comes to her senses, maybe someone richer, posher, and skinnier will make her feel like shit. Let’s hope.

  8. August 27, 2008 /

    What a bitch — just look at it as it’s her loss not getting the chance to get to know you and your little one.