I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I haven’t done much, just walking around my little corner of Manchester taking pictures.

Dreaming of living in a big house by the river.  I’m wondering if I should change this blog a bit.  Do you guys like my little photo stories?  What would you like to see?  More about Manchester?  More things to do w/ toddlers?  Do you want me to shut up and just post photos of Squidge??


  1. habitual
    October 19, 2008 /

    I love the photos and would love to learn more about Manchester. I’ve always wanted to go to Manchester… all of my favorite bands came from there. (HUGE Smiths fan). And of course, lots of Squidge too!

  2. SCM
    October 19, 2008 /

    I enjoy all of your stuff

  3. October 19, 2008 /

    Honestly i would not change a thing, i love the toddler stuff – its what i normally look for in blogs (wait that sounds slightly creepy, its because i have toddlers and can relate to the posts) . But i do enjoy the other stuff to

  4. Vic
    October 19, 2008 /

    Everything! Write/photo it all!

  5. Rachel
    October 19, 2008 /

    I think you have a good combination, and all you write about represents your life. You live near some gorgeous sites, I love the pictures of around town. And of course the Squidge pics are too cute!

  6. Jeanette
    October 19, 2008 /

    Love the first one 🙂
    I’d like to see more of the area, but then I like your photos 🙂

  7. Jennifer Wilson
    October 19, 2008 /

    You know how to take a lovely picture. This is something I need to get better at. Thank goodness for digital cameras because for every 20 pictures I take I’m lucky to get 2 good ones!

    Keep posting them!

  8. bubblewench
    October 20, 2008 /

    I really wouldn’t change anything. I think you have a great mix of all those things and that is what makes this blog great!