Glitter glue! Ooooh, the glitteriness of it.

Squidge had these two cuties over for a play date today.  She looooves them and was just sooo happy when I told her they were coming over.  I’m trying to embrace my inner messy crafter for Squidge’s imagination sake.  Lemme tell you when the glitter glue starts flying it’s all I can do to stop myself from whipping everything up and boxing it away!! After loads of glitter gluing and a good old messy crafting session we went to our little park.  The kids had a blast and I took some really cute photos so expect more to come.

Wal is still away and I think I’m losing my mind.  I need adult interaction once Squidge goes to bed.  A week of silent nights and I’m going coocoo!!  Wal should be back on Thursday, can I have a thank ya jeebus?

I hope all of you got out and voted.  I’m sitting here at 1am UK time watching David Dimbleby reporting on the results.  I’m tired, I think from boredom (due to Wal being away not from the election coverage) so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay up.