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1. characterized by indecision, as persons; irresolute; undecided.
2. not decisive or conclusive: a severe but indecisive battle.
3. lacking definition; vague or indistinct: the indecisive outline of the distant hills.
I remember a time when I would make a decision and that would be that.  Some people might have even called me impulsive.  I am no longer that person.  I think it comes with being a mother and having a partner with strong opinions.  Mostly I think what changed was becoming a mother.  It used to be that all I had to worry about was how close I lived to work and was there a decent night life.  Now it’s schools, parks, crime, and how big the backyard/garden is.  Do I want to live xx miles from Manchester? Does it have a village-y feel? Is there a pub? A corner shop? YOBs? How long will it take Wal to get to work/airport? Do I want to sacrifice our lifestyle in order to get a bigger house?  What sacrifices am I willing to make?  *sigh* Can you tell I’ve been spending too much time on rightmove?  I’ve spent the last couple of days driving and walking around potential neighborhoods to see if they are a good fit.  I thought I had figured out where we would move to but it looks like we can’t afford anything there.  The houses are either too small, the ones in our price range or too big, NOT in our price range.  It’s a small village so the housing stock is pretty limited. So I expanded our search a bit and thought I found a good place- Grappenhall.  On paper it looked fantastic and it is fantastic but it looks like any town in Stockport. So I’m questioning why I would move all that way to get what I could get closer to Manchester.  I’d be swapping Stockport Council for Warrington Council and as far as I’m concerned Stockport has it beat because of its proximity to Manchester and Manchester Airport. I also think there is more choice in the Stockport area.  Now I would be closer to bandits but I’d probably just be swapping Manchester/Stockport bandits for Warrington bandits if I moved to Grappenhall.  
So I suppose  what I’m getting at is that I am no closer to knowing where I want to settle now that I was 2 years ago.  Too many things to consider.  If I had family here I suppose it would be an easy decision but I don’t.  If I grew up here maybe I would have a preference, but I didn’t.  So I’ll stick to my short term plan and get the walls in the bathroom skimmed over w/ plaster and replace the old tub- not necessarily in that order.
Here are some photos I took at the park while on one of my recon missions.
grappenhall-park-131  grappenhall-park-17 
We have a viewing in Grappenhall tomorrow morning.  I’m curious to see if Wal has the same reaction to the place.  I’m also curious to see if going back changes my opinion of the place- it might be nicer the second time around.


  1. maria
    March 13, 2009 /

    DH is very opinionated with where we live..always blocks from where he grew up (his folks) even if the area is going to the dogs and always walking distance to the staion.. THOSE are the priorites.. I don’t envy you girl but I think you are a fab mom and only want what is best..D’oh!(I know) Best of luck tomorrow. LOVE the pics of S!! They always tell us how ‘expressive’ C’s face is…how much of her communicating is in her expression but S is also very expressive!! LOL!! can you imagine them as teens?? lord!

  2. March 13, 2009 /

    Oh yes the joys of picking right…. Good luck!!! Hope your viewing is good will look forward to hearing about it at the disco!!!!!!!

  3. March 13, 2009 /

    I have changed a lot since becoming a farther as well. Decisions aren’t as easy as there are so much more to take into considderation. This do change. I think it is part of the parenting responsibility. Even if the decision has nothing to do with your child. Indirectly it always does.

  4. The Biff
    March 13, 2009 /

    Linda – It’s a well known fact that the English are the finest people on the planet. Northerners are better than Southerners and people from the West of the Pennines are better than Yorkshire Folk. South Lancs and North Cheshire people are the best in the west and Warringtonians are God’s Gift to the world. Grappenhall and Appleton folk are OK but for real diamonds it’s Latchford every time.

  5. SCM
    March 13, 2009 /

    The Biff – you’re almost right but Manchester is just the best!
    I still reckon you can’t go too far wrong with coming north of Stockport round the M60 and looking at places in and around Tameside and Oldham. I can do the airport in under half an hour from here and there’s plenty of greenery and countryside. I can also go the other way and be in Warrington in the same sort of time.
    Good luck with the viewing. You’ll get that gut feeling when you find the right place.