Tag! Your it!*

Toy: LeapFrog Tag

Retailer: On-line and any major toy store

Web Link: http://www.leapfrogshop.co.uk/

Price: £39.99

Score out of 5: 5

For Squidge’s birthday her godmother asked me what she wanted for a pressie.  At first I wasn’t sure what exactly but I knew something from Leapfrog would be nice.  I did a bit of research on line and found that they had graduated from the “pad” w/ the pen attached (although they still have those) to something called a Tag.  Intrigued I headed over to the local toy store and had a nice play with them. They have a toddler version TAG Junior as well as the the original TAG.  She got the original Tag because I thought she could grow into it as opposed to the junior (which she would out grow too quickly).  I’m bad about buying things just a smidge too big for her and letting her grow into it.  The LeapFrog Tag reader is compact and easy to use. The system comes w/ the reader pen, CD, USB cord for downloads and the Ozzie and Mack storybook.  It does require batteries so don’t forget those!   The initial set up was fairly painless- just load the cd on your computer and follow the instructions.  After setting up an account I just downloaded the stories we had and we were off to the races.

Although Squidge is only 3 (and the recommended age for the Tag reader is 4+) she was able to grasp the concept pretty quickly.  Squidge loves books so the ability for her to make the book ‘talk’ was fascinating for her.  As with most LeapFrog storybooks you can click a picture and it will read the story for you but Squidge was more interested in clicking on the pictures and have them say something.  Squidge is also fascinated by the alphabet at the moment so it was great that the first Tag storybook had a few pages in the back w/ the alphabet and some key words.  Playing with the Tag and ‘reading’ the last few pages is one of her favorite things to do.  If you have a book mad kid this is a fantastic thing to have.  I especially love that it will entertain her for a while so I can sit back and have a cup of tea and a little peace and quiet.  It’s compactness is a major plus for me.  I just grab a couple of books and the pen, throw it in your handbag and off we go.  I also purchased some headphones and she was able to listen w/ bothering anyone or being bothered. At £40 the system isn’t cheap but I think it’s well worth the price  We also took this on our trip to the USA and it was a godsend.  We just plugged in the headphones and she was occupied for a while.  Anyone who has been on a transatlantic flight w/ a toddlers knows the importance of a toy that will discract the child for good chucks of the flight.

If there is anything I’m not impressed with is the memory space.  We have Ozzie and Mack, National Geographic animal flash cards, The Cat in the Hat, Walter the farting dog and Olivia- so 5 books and it’s full.  If we want to download any more books we need to delete something.  I bit inconvenient especially if your kid is like mine and will almost certainly want the book you deleted as soon as it’s  been deleted!!

* This review was not paid for by any company- I did not receive free merchandise nor did they give me money.  If free merchandise was to arrive on my doorstep by a kindly DHL man I would not turn him away. The same could be said for cash.  I did submit this review to a fab new UK toy review website Great Toy Guide . In the next few weeks you will probably see more reviews for GTG by me here and on the website.  I am beyond thrilled to be participating in a UK based toy review site.  I feel that although a lot of the toys can be purchased in the US it is nice to have one that is UK based and from what I can see some of the toys will/are by small toy companies so YAY for independent/ organic/green toy companies.